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General rules !

Post  Franck on Sat 9 Jun - 13:06

This a place for fans of the best woman of all times to meet, discuss, exchange opinions, etc... We hope you will have fun and maybe even learn things. And of course, as in all societies, there are a few basic rules to follow. Here they are...

Do not register with a user name that is purposefully too similar to another member's user name as this might cause confusion.

Do not post any message that is obscene, vulgar, sexually orientated, politically orientated, homophobic, hateful, racist, threatening or that may violate any laws.

Do not post or request links for ‘ILLEGAL’, ‘ILLEGAL’, pornography, infected files (for example a trojan or virus), hacking web sites or to content that is in breach of copyright, including but not limited to music files.

Do not post links either directly or indirectly (via signatures or misleading links) to web sites that are under constuction (unless strictly for feedback), contain pop-up advertisements or content that is misleading or in breach of any other rule.

Do not post links to sites, forum posts or pages that contain content, Mp3, Wma, Wave and another audio files.

Do not post links to sites, forum posts or pages that contain content videos and images that could be considered offensive, stomach churning or illegal.

Do not cross Spam any thread across this forum, you may contact the forum admin and enquire about a forum wide announcement for important information.

Do not Spam the forum or abuse the forum in such a way that excessive demand is placed on the server.

Do not intentionally waste administrators/moderators time in the form of excessive questioning, multiple posting, going off topic in topics etc. etc..

Do not post FAO (for the attention of) posts, instead use the PM (private message) facility on the board. FAO's will be locked and possibly deleted.

Do not attempt to impersonate any person or entity, forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any posting, nor collect or store personal data about other users.

Do not post excessive amounts of useless/vague/unnecessary posts.

Avoid using all bold or capital letters in your headings and within the body of your post as it is rude and inappropriate.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the reduction of your post count, change of avatar and access limits, or in extreme circumstances, a permanent ban and an abuse complaint to your ISP. In circumstances where an intentional or malicious attack is made on the forum or any user we reserve the right to publish IP addresses and other information that will identify the source.

Failure to comply with the above rules will be sanctioned at the Administrators of this site at their discretion. Nitpicking at the rules can in itself be seen as breaking the ‘wasting of administrators time’.

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